Product #: GONE


Green Klean® GONE is the fastest and most effective way to eliminate foul odors; using a pre-measured cholrine dioxide generating pouch to chemically break down odors. One unit of the Green Klean GONE odor eliminator contains a 25 gram pouch with an activator sponge and disposable clam shell. The vapor system: • Eliminates odors in confined spaces while unoccupied for 1 to 2 hours • Treats a 2500 cubic foot area per 25 gram pouch • Is simple to use. Saturate the sponge with water, open the pouch, and insert the chlorine dioxide white brick into slit in the sponge. Return to the clam shell and close the lid. Place the “Room Under Treatment” card on the door. • Does not leave a residue after treatment • Leaves no masking perfumes or scents Why GONE? Because after use, you’ll say “The odors are GONE!”